For Security

icon-blue-5Recent years have witnessed growing concerns about the possibility of terrorism attacks that could strike cities across the world. In the U.S. and Europe, the threat of airplane-bound explosives in particular has highlighted the need for security systems that provide effective detection and warning. As the U.S. Transportation Security Administration and the European Commission start to ease restrictions on traveling with non-hazardous bottled liquids, security checkpoints are preparing themselves to quickly identify threats that appear in bottled form.

icon-blue-6ORS’ team of world-class engineers and scientists has studied the ways in which NMR technology can be used to improve screening processes at airports and secured facility checkpoints.  As passengers prepare to carry liquids on board again, ORS introduces its proprietary bottled liquid screener technologies including the MobiLab® BLS.


ORS’ technology for security is designed to offer:

  • Increased range of bottles/containers that may be tested
  • Less time to inspect
  • Minimal participation required to effectively screen containers
  • Distinct results indicators: “Alarm” or “Clear”
  • Low “false alarm” rates, to keep lines moving
  • Compact and sturdy devices can easily be moved around the checkpoint to where they are most needed
  • Powerful, innovative NMR screening. Look beyond the obvious and detect signatures common to liquid explosives as well as precursors and other hazardous materials.

Whether referring to the security needs of a major civilian airport, military base, or private/corporate/social event, ORS technologies offer unmatched detection performance.

Learn more about ORS instrumentation for security:

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