Airplane-bound explosive detection technology for securityRecent years have witnessed growing concerns about the possibility of terrorism attacks that could strike cities across the world. In the U.S. and Europe, the threat of airplane-bound explosives in particular has highlighted the need for security systems that provide effective detection and warning.


Nuclear magnetic resonance NMR technology for screening at airports and secured checkpointsORS uses innovative bulk and liquid explosive detection methods. ORS’ team of world-class engineers and scientists has studied the ways in which Nuclear Magnetic Resonance- based radio-frequency technologies can be used to improve screening processes at airports and secured facility checkpoints.

The company’s proprietary threat detection technology uses radio-frequency waves to search for the presence of concealed threats. The primary strengths of the methods are: the remarkably low false alarm rates, the operational simplicity and the bulk-material detection capability. The inspection is independent of the threat configuration, i.e. it is not confounded by shape.

Explosive detection security instrumentation

The ORS scanners offer portability and high screening throughput, minimizing bottlenecks at security checkpoints.


ORS’ technology for security is designed to offer:

  • Rapid screening
  • Minimal operator participation required
  • Simple and distinct results indicators: “Alarm” or “Clear”
  • Low “false alarm” rates, to keep lines moving
  • Compact and sturdy devices can easily be moved around the checkpoint or gates to where they are most needed
  • Powerful, innovative radio-frequency screening methods

Whether referring to the security needs of a major civilian airport, military base, or private/corporate/social event, ORS technologies offer unmatched detection performance.

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