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The NMR Approach to Improving Chemical Analysis

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance NMR technology for chemical analysisNuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) has become the technology of choice for chemical analysis. NMR allows observation of specific quantum mechanical magnetic properties of the atomic nucleus, resulting in efficient identification of distinct chemicals from one another. NMR spectroscopy has enjoyed long reign as a popular technology, however, in recent years, scientists have found themselves severely limited by the basic environmental requirements for such chemical testing.

Conventional NMR spectrometers required a dedicated laboratory, trained personnel, cryogenic fluids such as liquid nitrogen and liquid helium, and considerable safety protocols. As demand for NMR molecular analysis grew, it coincided with a shortage of cryogenic liquids. Before long, companies found themselves retiring equipment or delaying key purchases due to these costs, and R&D would suffer.

Chemical testing is needed in a wider range of situations, and can’t be limited to the confines and expenses of laboratory testing environments. We believed there was a more efficient and flexible solution to provide high quality NMR chemical analysis.  So we created it.

Our Solution

Chemical Analysis InstrumentationScientists and companies are seeking to optimize chemical processes, to improve quality control standards, and to deliver quality testing in a wide range of environments.  ORS believed we could meet this need by leveraging our understanding of NMR to create highly accurate and rapid testing devices that were portable, easier to maintain and straightforward to operate.

ORS’ innovative technology (US Patent 9,261,470) provides analytical solutions that are typically only offered by superconductor-based NMR instruments or by less practical and less effective technologies. We put this complex analysis capability in a much more compact package, while maintaining the integrity of the testing unit and in fact contributing to improving efficiencies.  Our ultra-compact instruments do not require cryogenic cooling, simplify the need for operational training, and have extremely low maintenance costs.

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