About the Company

Who We Are

One Resonance Sensors specializes in developing next-generation Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) instrumentation. Our devices vastly improve efficiency in threat detection for an ever-expanding range of security applications.  ORS’ MobiLab® line of devices deliver fast, effective and reliable results.

The ORS Edge

NMR analyzers and instrumentationThe Strength of ORS’ product line is based upon its proprietary technology. Our units are designed and manufactured by a prestigious team of scientists and engineers based in California. ORS’ mission is to combine our unprecedented expertise in NMR devices and transform dynamic technology into simple, easy to use units, suitable for challenging operational environments.

Thanks to years of research, development and market studies, ORS instrumentation is designed to directly address the needs of each scenario.  We combine complex instrumentation with simple, straightforward and accessible user interfaces. And all this results in one thing: the ability of ORS’ devices to deliver unparalleled results – quickly, easily and with astounding accuracy.

Expertly Created NMR Instrumentation

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance instrumentationORS was co-founded in 2011 by Dr. Pablo Prado, a field leader in Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, and Dr. Greg Holifield, a twice-honored recipient of the US Army’s Top Ten Inventions Award. ORS was established to implement NMR technology to combat some of the most pressing problems for security which rely heavily upon effective and rapid scanning.

To date, the company has developed two security scanners: the MobiLab BLS and MobiLab ES, used for bottled liquid and personal electronic device screening at security checkpoints. ORS also provides custom-built instrumentation for high-profile partners and organizations including oil and gas exploration companies and NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. ORS’ ultra-compact permanent magnet is a component of JPL’s proposed Titan Saturn System Mission.

Many of our team members share a longstanding history of collaboration, having worked together on extensive research and development projects throughout the past 15 years.

One Resonance Sensors LLC operates a facilities in the technology hub of San Diego, California, with extended leadership and partnerships across the globe.