Is Bolivia The Next Major Lithium Producer?

You have lithium all around you. It’s in your cell phone, your tablet, your computer, and possibly even in your car if you own a hybrid or electric vehicle. Where does all this lithium come from?

The majority of lithium is extracted from brine and comes from South America. Currently, Chile and Argentina are the leading producers of lithium from brine. As the global need for lithium continues to sky rocket (we love our electronics), all eyes are on the South American country of Bolivia which sits on half the known lithium reserves.  

Bolivia is now working to begin extracting its stores of lithium with the intention of becoming a global lithium producer.

ORS executives recently had the opportunity to visit Bolivia to demonstrate the MobiLab 130.  It is believed by our team that the MobiLab 130 can play a major role in helping Bolivia improve its exploration efforts to discover lithium stores. The ORS executives  went out to Salar de Uyuni,  a vast salt lake in southwest Bolivia, which contains a majority of the world’s lithium reserves just waiting to be uncovered.

Time will tell how the country of Bolivia utilizes its natural treasure of lithium stores.  The MobiLab 130 can be a part of this huge and important enterprise.

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