Why Lithium May Become An Energy Leader

The world runs on energy. We need gasoline for our cars, electricity to keep lights aglow, and power to watch our favorite shows on television, keep our food cold, and much, much more.

As the world economy grows, the need for power is greater than ever. Unfortunately, most fuel sources come with heavy burdens. Oil and gas emit carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, impacting the environment.

Clean energy proponents have been pushing wind energy, solar energy and even ocean energy for decades, but energy storage tends to be the limiting component of the technology that prevents having these solutions delivered to the consumers.

Many manufactures have focused on using higher energy storage batteries. Lithium batteries are becoming increasingly popular in hybrid vehicles, laptops, phones and even airplanes. Lithium batteries can drastically increase the charge of electronics, making them cleaner and more energy efficient.

Because of these advantages, lithium is poised to become an energy leader. Unfortunately, lithium is a rare element and can be difficult to find. The MobiLab 130 is making it simpler to discover and produce lithium so we can keep the future powered up.

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